dance with me
I will love with urgency, but not with haste.
dance with me

the way that the water said: goodbye.
ahaha (you are a blessing upon this earth /kisses your nosie)

the best thing

You are in an in-between,
in a world with no memories,
so forget your hands and what
they’ve done before.
Forget your fingers.
Float in this kingdom.

Be the kind of brave you’ve only ever read about
in books, then be braver than that.

Be boneless, but keep your spine.
Bend and bend and bend yourself
into a bridge that you haven’t burned yet,
then cross it.

You are more than you thought you were.
Unbroken and perfect,
healing like the bruise on your knee,
singing like a hymn where the only
words are
“I saved myself.”

Swallow the old world.
Swallow the darkest it’s ever been
and then keep it down until it
You are here now.

You are here and you are
the forgiveness in every mouth.
You are here, and you are glowing
like early morning.

Welcome back. Welcome home. —Caitlyn Siehl, You Are Here (via alonesomes)


i come from the clint barton school of dealing with shit

especially supernatural shit

'oh hey my sewing machine is levitating. hey bro, wanna levitate the ironing board instead? louder to drop and less expensive to replace'

'hey ghost bro, want some coffee? do you drink coffee? never mind, we're out of coffee. aww, coffee'

'happy haunting bro'

Let us pray for the foxes sleeping in your knees.
May you always know when to run.

Let us pray for your head hitting the pillow, for your mouth when it whispers
"Enough. Enough of that now."

O, pain.
O, it is no small thing, with its chariots and its kingdoms built on the backs of the suffering.
May you walk straight again in the free land.

When the light comes,
may you wear the morning well.
May you always keep part of it in your hands.

Let us pray for the courage roaring
in your colosseum chest,
that it stays hungry and that it wins.

Let us pray.
For your blessed bones.
For your sacred hands.
May you learn to love what is holy in you.
May you learn to love what is not.

To the ones that have not loved you like you deserve,
may you forget their names.
May you remember your own, always.
Amen. Amen. —Caitlyn Siehl, A Prayer (via alonesomes)
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